Monday, December 27, 2010

I want to go home!!!

So as you might have guessed, we didn't go to Scotland thanks to the weather. I mean, here where we are is fine but there was a good chance of being stuck there coming back.
So we decided not to take the risk.
As from tomorrow we'll be with some dear friends in Banbury, who kindly offered to come and get us all the way from Banbury to here. 
They're a lovely couple we met in Mbarara 2 years ago and they're from the same town where Chris grew up. So it was a nice coincidence. 
Since then we have always been in contact and they are so kind to put us up every year when we come home.
So I'm looking forward to stay with them and then go home next Friday.
I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time with them.

And here we are with the pictures of the weather in Banbury.

At the bottom here you can Stratford-upon-Avon which is the birthplace of Shakespeare. The building you see is where he was born. Cool eh? By the way, this village is really nice with a contrast between the new and dear old England. 

Stay put Uganda....we're coming!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Sky

"Way up high in the winter sky, Two little snowflakes caught my eye. (Point 2 fingers to sky)
Down to the ground they fell without a sound. (Twist around)
And before very long, It was snowing all around. (Hold arms out)"
What???? It's just a preschool snow song! So...WHAT? I have plenty of these...
"Snow is falling all around,
Falling, falling, to the ground.
I catch snowflakes on my tongue.
Building snowmen is such fun.
Snow is falling all around
Falling, falling, to the ground."
OK, ok. I'll stop it. Anyway...the point is. IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT!!!! And it never snows here! At least not on this side of UK.
It's nice, I like the snow. But it's getting cold now. We had 2 beautiful weeks with sunny days and 7/8 C. So now that the temperature is around 0/-1 C we're feeling it.

So we took my parents to the airport last monday and picked up some friends from Italy after a couple of hours. Obviously we had a fab time!

We enjoyed English breakfast, Fish & Chips, Cornish pasty, KFC, proper Steak night, English curry (yes you read correctly, English curry Tikka Masala...) etc etc. We're probably some few kilos heavier than when we arrived. But that was nice.
We walked for hours for shopping as the prices here are cheaper than Italy, so they took advantage of it.

We had a nice drive through the Moors. The landscape is amazing. You go from the green green English typical grass to the brown fern called bracken. It's a bit like Uganda the way it quickly changes landscape. We drove for three hours in narrow (but tarmac) roads, passed through many little stone bridges and saw many wild ponies, sheep and a big falcon which was on a wooden fence in front of us, staring at the camera while I was taking his picture. 

One evening we had a couple from Torquay over for dinner. We played the game we always play in Uganda with weird scriptures trying to adapt them for the field with a weird object to give out (do you remember? I uploaded some videos). Well I must say they were really good. They pulled it off easily... We were also lucky as this past week they had the  CO visit so we got a nice treat. 
We went to the beach many times and every time, although is freezing, I'm left speechless staring at the beauty of the sea.

We're back at Chris' parents now which is also nice as we can relax a bit. 
We're supposed to leave for Scotland on Tuesday but weather wise (it's snowing in the south of UK, imagine what the weather is like in Scotland) we don't know if we'll be able to go as we don't want to get stuck there for snow. So let's see.  
In the meantime thank you for reading. I know UK is not as exciting as Uganda. So I know is not as exciting to read about food and shopping as it would be reading about studies and meeting attendance etc etc. 

Friday, December 10, 2010


Hi guys...

I just updated with videos the post "Time for a break". Go and have a look how we have fun around Fort Portal...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brr..... it's freezing!

Wow.... we just came back from a couple of hours of walking around shops and I must say IT'S FREEEEZING!!!! I mean, we knew it was going to be like this but we're not used to it anymore. When we got on the plane it was 30C in Kampala and when we got off the plane in London it was -4C.... just imagine the shock. We didn't even have proper coats...
Where we are, in Devon, the temperature is the best in UK, but it's still 1C - 2C top. Fortunately we had left proper coats here and jumpers and and boots but as soon as we arrived we bought hats, gloves and scarf's.
So we're looking around for things to bring back home like shoes, t-shirts, etc. but it's difficult to find summer clothes in December!!! So Chris found already a really nice pair of branded shoes with a 70% discount. I still haven't found shoes for me but my number is not easy to find as I have a teeny tiny foot. But today I'm so proud because I manage to find 2 pair of original Crocs (2 different colours, MY SIZE!!!!!) at 2£ each instead of 25 each, saving a total of 48£... Isn't that amazing?
We've been to the local congregation and they've been very welcoming and they actually remembered us from last year (they organized a party for us before we left to go to Uganda last year although they knew us only for a they're really nice). But we're not used to go to the meeting at night anymore as our meetings are on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning...

I know... we get excited for small things. But this is what happens when you live in Africa for so long... It's like when we get excited after a day without electricity and it comes back just before dark and we all shout in applause. Anyway, my parents are coming tomorrow to stay for 10 days. I hope it won't snow so we can have a nice time on the seaside. If it does, I'll post some pictures.


Post soon...