Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We're growing fast!

So here we are, a bit late I know, but we've been so busy lately. Were can I start?

I think we posted just before the District convention in Kampala. Kampala is not our Convention, but we took the opportunity to have a full program as we had to take to the airport the couple from Alaska, Joel and Naomi. The program was amazing and it was wonderful to see again the brothers from our former congregations. They all welcomed us and some of them were surprised as they didn't know we were back. We also saw all our "children" and to see them all together again was really heartwarming. 

The Sunday program was really nice and we were looking forward to see the drama as in our assigned convention in Mbarara is a short program of 2 days and we don't have the Drama. A terrible storm came straight after the brothers started acting the Drama. The storm lasted more than one hour and the Drama had to stop obviously. The wind was so strong and blowing sideways that all the brothers moved to the center of the extensible Kingdom Hall and tried to use their umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain. 
Finally the storm stopped and the Drama started again. That night we had an invitation from a couple in Bethel and we had a lovely evening with special pioneers from Greece, bethelites, need greaters and Matts (see Yearbook 2010).

We came home from crazy Kampala and resumed our daily life of preaching. In the meantime we moved to a new house that was just finished. We actually entered the house when they were finishing it. So we were without internal doors for a long time. But it wasn't a problem as it was only us living in it. The house is really nice and we can see how Jehovah blessed us.
In the middle of September we went to Mbarara for our District Convention. It was also very nice and I must say that the number in attendance is increasing every year. Two of Chris' studies came and they loved it. And of course we had 3 baptized, one of which is a sister 78 years of age that speaks Kinyarwanda but comes to the meetings although they're in Rutoro. She can only read but not write, but she still prepare for the meetings and engage in the field as much as she can. 
We also spent a nice evening at the Missionary Home in Mbarara together with all the member of the translation office and our new C.O. Cleophas and his wife Jane. 
When we came back we had the privilege to have the C.O. visit and to host them in our house. The only problems was that we still didn't have any doors (but you know, here is not a big deal).
We started panicking as the Friday before the C.O. visit arrived and we still didn't have any door installed. So we asked the Landlady to hurry and after praying to Jehovah several times, we finally had the carpenters bringing the doors and installing them on the Saturday before the visit. 
We had a really nice and encouraging visit. Having the C.O. in your house means hearing all kind of experiences. For example, he told us of a lame sister in Eastern Uganda who never misses a meeting although she lives on a hill some kilometers away from the KH and she can't walk. So, obviously Jehovah never leaves his servants, she bought some chickens that give her eggs to sell. But what's interesting that her chickens produce double the amount of eggs of all the other chickens around that area. So she pays 2 eggs to some boys to push her wheelchair to the KH and to push her back home after 2 hours. The weekend she sleeps inside the KH as she takes active part in the field service and she has bible studies. She never misses assemblies and conventions and sometimes she even pays the transport for other brothers in need... Isn't she a demonstration of how Jehovah blesses our efforts to serve him?
In the meantime we had and addition of other 2 regular pioneers in our congregation and the couple from Kampala that helped us when we moved to Uganda, Brian and Rowena, moved to Fort Portal and are settling here. So we have another experienced elder in the congregation and his wife has a wonderful pioneering spirit and they're incredibly generous toward everyone.
We are also having the joy to have some studies regular to meetings, including a girl (we have 3 sons, we need a daughter now...). I gave her the photocopy of the watchtower of last Sunday and she prepared really well (she prepared so well that made me feel ashamed of myself). 
Do you remember ZamZam? I wrote about her some time ago. She was from 80km away and she started coming to the meeting after reading the God Requires brochure. Well, she disappeared for a while, and we knew it was because she was actively involved in the elections. So we kind of lost hope on her. Then we heard she had a small accident on her heel while moving on a bike. So being in the town center again and the elections being finished, she started coming to the meetings again. One day, I was asking her where was she staying while being in town, and it came out that she was thrown out of the house because the father, being Muslim, didn't accept that she was studying with us and she wouldn't give up studying because she know it's the truth. And she told me that she knew Jehovah would care for her. So she's staying in the center with a friend and she's looking for a job but in the meantime she doesn't miss any meeting. And she's only on the 4th chapter of the Teach book. 
This taught me never to judge on the first appearance. And never underestimate the fact that is Jehovah who makes it grow.
Well, we don't have any other news for now. In about a month we're going home to see family and we're quite excited about that. Thanks for following us... Hope I didn't bore you.
Posting soon...