Monday, August 23, 2010

T.I.A. (This Is Africa)

So, here we are, just moved in a new house and this time we honestly thought that it would be the best place and deal we ever got in Uganda. But, as the title says "T.I.A."... you can't expect the same standard that we have back home. So anyway, the house is really nice! We have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, nice size kitchen and a big sitting/dining room (i'll put some photos soon). The garden is nice and we're trying to improve it. 
I (Taby) finally had the chance to take out of the suitcase all the things for the house I bought in UK before coming here, so now this place has feels like "home". 
Unfortunately, although the house was supposed to be finished by the beginning of August, it's not. We still miss the internal doors (that will not come before the next month) and we have workers every day coming in finishing something or fixing it (yes...fixing it...some of the "new" stuff is already breaking)... but again, T.I.A.... no stress, no worries.
The field is compensating whatever disappointment we can get from dealing with this system. Our studies are increasing. Chris found a new boy, 19 years old, and after the first study he asked if he could come to the meetings...and he came! 
Our transport
Unfortunately I still haven't had the joy of seeing one of my studies coming regularly to the KH. And when I analyze their situation, is really not their fault. The majority of them have newborn babies and the ones that don't have them is because they're 12 or 13 and the parents don't allow them to come to the meetings. On the other hand, Chris is having at least 3 of his studies coming regularly to the meetings. They prepare, participate and expressed the desire to preach with us. So we're really happy, both of us of course (although I'm a bit jealous considering that we have "3 sons" and no daughter in the truth). 

Ivan, "our firstborn", had the privilege of attending the Pioneer school and we know he had a lot of fun, especially because he was together with Abraham (our youngest and crazy pioneer here in Fort).
We have a new young brother who will start pioneering in September in our congregation and it was a nice surprise to hear the announcement. Another sister is just being appointed and a brother is waiting. We're now 12 pioneers in a congregation of 50 publishers. Not bad eh?
The field service meetings are really supported by our brothers and it's always an encouragement to see them there, in time despite they probably had to walk for more than an hour. 
We're currently preaching in our unassigned territory (or as they call it here "Macedonia") and we were so surprised to find so many interested people. Chris found a girl, Stella, and we now study with the whole family. She is very smart to an exceptional point. I always have difficulties when explaining paragraph 7 to 9 of Chapter 1 of the Teach Book, but she got the point before I even ask the question. She even illustrated the difference between allowing and causing something. And in their language the distinction is not so clear, so I was amazed at the illustration she came out with. 
On Thursday we leave for Kampala to take Naomi and Joel to the airport as they're going home. I will miss her very much as she is an amazing sister, a valid companion in the field, spiritually stronger than many I know, encouraging, understanding...and she is an amazing friend, one of those mentioned in Proverbs 18:24...very rare to find!
I hope she'll miss me as much as I miss her... and I'm honestly praying for them to come back.
As we're going to Kampala we're taking the opportunity to attend the District Convention, the full program, as our program is abbreviated. We'll stay with friends. It's going to be so much fun. And I heard this convention is REALLY good. So we're looking forward to that also because we're going to see all of our "children" at once.
So, ta ta for now... I'll update again once we come back from Kampala.