Monday, April 18, 2011

Lord's Evening Meal... What an Adventure!

As you all know (and I think all of you had it by now) we just had the Memorial of Christ's Death. Now, last year it was an adventure. It was pouring down with rain, we couldn't hear the speaker as the tin roof was amplifying the noise of the rain and  power was off... but still we had an outstanding 189 attendance!
Yesterday (Sunday) we woke up and we had power, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and now the Kingdom Hall has a proper cement ceiling so we didn't worry about the sound! So me and Chris decided to chillax at home and VERY SLOWLY prepare for the Memorial.
Our Memorial was starting at 6.30pm so we had plenty of time. At 4pm a storm came, it was bucketing down and it continued until 5 when we got to the Kingdom Hall. Funny thing is, the council is planning to tarmac the road outside the Kingdom Hall, but before tarmacking, they're widening it. This means that they are actually digging the actual road (to make it flat) and the sides (to make it wider), chopping down any tree that is in the way.
At the entrance of our Kingdom Hall, we had a beautiful, massive old tree...but it was in the way!!!! So Saturday afternoon they decided to cut it and to work on the stretch of road just outside the KH. We thought that they would either finish their job by Saturday evening or, while chopping the tree, do it in a way that would make the tree fall away from the road, the KH's entrance or the KH's roof! Anyway, by the time we left the KH Saturday evening, they hadn't finish with the tree yet.
Another little interesting particular of this story is that the main road to the KH is closed as there's a river going across the road so the council decided also to build a bridge. So there are 3 other ways to get to the KH but each one of them is narrow, full of potholes and humps and they're not happy road during the rainy season.
Guess which season we're in now...
...when we leave the house it's 5pm, it's pouring down and we're all anticipating the mud/slidinglikeonice problem. What we didn't expect is this:
1. While working on the stretch of road outside the KH, the council dug 50cm deeper than the normal level of the road, meaning that each tiny narrow road going to the KH would end with a big drop. So we couldn't reach the KH with the car.
2. While cutting the tree, they decided that it would be easier to make it fall parallel the road and that's how the tree was: parallel to the road, but blocking the entrance of the KH (so even a 4x4 car wouldn't have been able to make it).
3. Because of the roadworks, the road was soft therefore after the heavy rain, the mud was about 15cm deep (imagine that with snow). The car got stuck and 4 or 5 brothers, Chris included, had to push it out of the mud.
Now, because of power problems here in Uganda, we decided to bring a back up system, an inverter with a battery. For people who don't know what it is, the battery is a normal truck battery (VERY HEAVY) and the inverter is a machine that takes power from the battery and gives it to whatever you connect to it. We thought we would get to the entrance of the KH so we wouldn't need to carry it for a long distance. But as you read, we couldn't get to the front of the KH. So Chris and another brother had to carry it for 300mt in thick deep mud (remember that all of them are suit up for the Memorial). I had high heels (very clever of me) and got stuck in the mud up to my ankles.

So while Chris and others were pushing the car out of the mud, we (sisters) "run" (more like made our way) to the KH, took our shoes off, set the stage, washed our feet, washed our shoes, greeted everybody and found a sit for other brothers' studies.
And the full moon didn't fail us.
The atmosphere was great. The KH was full and in a nearby village, Kyarusozi, where we've been having the meetings once a month, one of our Elders was holding the Memorial and they had a great attendance.
Christopher was assigned at the emblems and funny story: one teenager, wanted to eat the bread. Seeing that, the brother passing the bread from the other end of the line slapped his hand down (just imagine the scene ok?). The boy looked up at him, and went for the bread AGAIN. So the brother looked at him and slapped his hand again and then a third time. So finally the boy got it and passed the plate without taking any of the bread. Another lady took a piece (but didn't eat it) and put it back when she realized no one was taking and the plate was already a row behind her.
As total, we were 188. One less than last year, I know, but one of our sister is soon due, so you know what??? I'm counting the baby. As Jehovah does ;] .

Fort Portal - Attendance 189
Fort Portal - Publishers 67
Fort Portal - Partakers 0
So, another Memorial is gone. My 27th Memorial! Our 4th Memorial in Africa!! I Wonder where we're going to be next Memorial...